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12 Mar 2020

Ships Winsketel Thermal Oil Heater

Ships Winsketel Thermal Oil Heater


Protect the environment with winsketel technology that is tried and tested.

Thermal Oil Heater Shipyard
Thermal Oil Heater Shipyard
winsketel has been developing boiler technology for years in research and development, creating products that customers want, while helping to achieve a safer and more livable environment.
winsketel will continue to implement technologies that are tried and tested for the development of high-efficient products that reduce CO2 emissions, prevent atmospheric pollution, and save energy.
  • High temperatures are obtained safely at normal pressure
  • Reduces operational costs due to very low heat loss
  • Long durability
  • Supply of thermally stable oil at varying temperatures for various applications
  • Definition of a thermal oil heater & hot water boiler

    Winsketel  IDM BOILER Thermal Oil Heaters (also called Thermal Oil Boilers, Thermal Fluid Boilers, Hot Oil Units or Diathermic Heaters) were developed and designed specifically to demand a heating process of operation where there is no compromise on the quality received and where reliability is the key word. Heating solutions from thermal oil heaters are not characterized by low purchase prices – but rather low overall costs including low maintenance and operational costs, and long service life.

    Therefore Winsketel IDM BOILER heaters are made of first-class materials and components, without reducing quality. The pressure section is designed as a standard between pressures of 10 bar and up to 40 bar (although operation is often atmospheric and not pressurized). Heaters for thermal oil or heat transfer fluid (HTF) are shipped as complete and complete units with all necessary armature, instrumentation and safety features.

    Thermal oil heaters are sent as oil fueled, gas fueled, for dual fuel or electric heating. Other special options are numerous and include free options for horizontal or vertical types. The model is designed for a minimum pressure of 10 bar with capacities in the normal range of up to 3000 kW and up to 10,000 kW on request.

    Benefits of Thermal Oil Heater

    Water and steam are usually used as heat carriers in heating systems. But at high temperatures which are often needed in the process of heating systems, water and steam require appropriate high operating pressures. As a result, high temperature heating systems with water and steam can be very controversial and expensive – both in relation to personal, economic, design and projection safety issues.

    In the Thermal Oil Heating System, this special oil-based Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) is used as a substitute for steam or water as a heat carrier. With this liquid it is simple enough to reach operating temperatures up to 300 ° C even at atmospheric pressure. Comparing this with water and steam, it will require pressures above 85 bar to get an operating temperature of 300 ° C. There are several advantages to using oil-based heat transfer fluids – often you are comparing Thermal Fluid versus Saturated Steam. Here the clearest advantages are:

    1. High operating temperatures up to 300 ° C at atmospheric pressure
    2. Set optional temperature level points
    3. There is no boiler feed water pre-treatment
    4. There is no heat loss due to hot condensate and hot steam
    5. There is no risk of corrosion and there is no risk of freezing damage.
    6. Low maintenance costs
    7. Quiet operation (no steam shocks and steam flash sounds)
    8. Easy to operate (no steam boiler certified staff required)

    Burner Fuel 

    Oil and gas fired thermal oil heaters are only equipped with internationally recognized high-quality burner brands – adapted for operation with gas, light fuels, heavy or combined fuel oils (double fuel) and even fish oil and solid fuels. Individual demands for special burner designs can be met and adapted in heater designs – for example burners for burning bio-gas and other low-calorie or even corrosive fuel gas.

    The Winsketel type electric heating unit is sent in two options. Conventional electric tube heating elements are usually used for low temperature applications and the cost for this is also low. These elements are specifically designed for demanding tasks which means that ao uses a special and extreme Incoloy 825 high temperature resistant alloy.

    For other applications, low and easy maintenance may be an important request. In this case it can be recommended to use a fully welded steel tube, where the inner heating cable of the ceramic element can be pulled, without emptying the heater for oil.

    The engineers at Winsketel calculate the optimal heat load in individual heaters for each task, – ensuring that the temperature of the film from the thermal oil never exceeds even during stopping and starting.

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