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14 May 2019

Boilers Marine Engineering

Marine Boilers – Marine Engineering Knowledge

Marine Boilers – Marine Designing Information

What is the significance of marine boilers ?

Evaporator is a weight vessel utilized on boats in which the water is warmed to dissipate and create the steam and the unit is arranged to the point that the produced steam collected in it. The two primary sorts are water cylinder and flame tube.

What is the heater mounting ?

It is straightforwardly fitted to the heater shell. They are:

Security valve

Principle steam stop valve

Air vent cockerel

Two check glass level pointers

Feed check valve

Filth blow down valve

Base blow down valve

Saltiness cockerel or test rooster

Man opening entryways.

Where are air vent chicken found and its motivation ?

The air vent cockerel is fitted at the highest point of the steam space of the evaporator.

Its motivation are-

To discharge air from the kettle either filling the evaporator water or raising the steam.

To enable air to enter in case of evaporator chilling off or blowing down. ( to anticipate vacuum impact)

What are the security game plans in marine heater ?

Security valve

Low/high water level alert

Too low water level alert and shut down

Water level markers

Weight measure

Low fuel oil weight caution

Low/high fuel oil temperature caution

Fire disappointment caution

Smoke thickness caution

Simple apparatus course of action

Air vent

Power draft fan stop caution

Low/high steam weight caution

Why need to blow down the measure glass ?

Measure glass blow down is made to know the evaporator and check glass association is clear or not and to give the careful water level in the kettle.

Evaporator check glass blow through methodology ?

Shut steam and water cocks than open the channel rooster.

In the wake of emptying water out of the sight glass, there is nothing turned out, both steam and water cocks are great all together.

Open the steam chicken side, victory the steam.

Close the steam chicken side, the steam association is clear.

Open the water chicken side, victory the water.

Close the water chicken side, the water association is clear.

Close the channel chicken.

Open the water chicken, water should then bit by bit come ascend to the highest point of the check glass.

Open the steam rooster, the water in the glass should tumble to the dimension of the water in the heater.

Why need to blow down the heater water ?

Heater blow down is made to diminish the thickness of salt and to evacuate the broke up and suspended solids, additionally the drifting strong pollutions in the evaporator framework.

On the off chance that there are not expelled from the kettle water framework, frothing, preparing, consumption will happen in the heater steam space and feed water framework.

See ‘Heater Blow Down’.

Why rubbish blow down or surface blow down is done ?

To evacuate amassed, suspended and gliding solids, contaminations and furthermore expel broke up strong focus, they thwart the development of steam.

Why base blow down is done ?

To evacuate suspended solids and leftover ooze that have settled at the base.

On the off chance that these contaminants are not evacuated routinely they will develop until they prevent the flow designs.

What is the reason for evaporator water test ?

To guarantee that legitimate compound treatment are kept up at unsurpassed.

To identify the present of contaminants in the water that might be damaging to kettle and framework.

Specify the kettle water test ?

Alkalinity test [Phenolphthalein ( p) alkalinity test, Complete ( T ) alkalinity test (2 x P)]

Chloride test

Condensate PH test

Amerzine test ( Hydrazine test )

Abundance phosphate test

Conductivity test (Absolute break up solids test)

Hardness test

Alkalinity test

This is to guarantee that the evaporator water forestall consumption by balance of acidic gases.

(a) Phenolphthalein or ‘p’ alkalinity

This test is completed to forestall acidic consumption

To test for nearness of the majority of the hydroxide, one portion of the carbonate and 33% of phosphate present in a water test.

(b) Complete ( T ) alkalinity test

To decide the sum all of hydroxide, the majority of the carbonate, and 66% of the phosphates

Note: Hydroxides and carbonates can coincide together in an answer yet hydroxides and bi-carbonates can’t.

Chloride test

To know the measure of salt in kettle water.

To limit chloride level and to change the blow down.

Condensate PH test

To control condensate PH esteem inside an utmost.

To limit consumption in steam and condensate framework.

Amerzine test ( Hydrazine test )

To test for broke up Oxygen content

To know save hydrazine (N2H4 ) ppm and to anticipate consumption and air circulation.

To limit oxygen setting and consumption in evaporator, steam and condensate framework.

Phosphate test

To control the scale development because of hardness (nearness of Phosphate in test implies no hardness salts)

A save of phosphate ought to be kept up in the kettle water prepared to kill any hardness salts which may enter.

Conductivity test

Proportion of the aggregate sum of broke up solids (T.D.S) including the treatment synthetic substances. (Unreasonable thickness prompts preparing as well as stores)

To evacuate broke up and suspended strong by blowing down.

Hardness test

To check for salt causing “hardness”

Note: Hardness trial of heater water are redundant when the phosphate is over the lower furthest reaches of the control run.

What are the benefits of kettle water treatment ?

To avoid the scale arrangement in the evaporator and feed framework

To avoid consumption in evaporator and feed framework.

To control the slime arrangement and avoidance of extend with the steam.

To keep up the evaporator water in soluble condition and free from broke down gases.

To avert of passage into the evaporator of remote issue, for example, oil, squander, plant scale, FeO, Cu, Sand, and so forth.


Oral Guide by – MIN ZAR TAR

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