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Industrial Vertical Boiler | Fuel Oil Gas Diesel LPG

jual steam boiler 750kg
jual steam boiler 750kg


Once through structure steam evaporator is developed with vertical water tubes, which gives the upsides of reduced structure, high warm effectiveness, short establishment cycle and low foundation speculations. The boilers are outfitted with full programmed controllers on temperature, weight and water level, and so on to guarantee most astounding security and dependability.


This once through steam kettle is broadly utilized for little steam warming framework, for example, warming, forming, drying, eatery, swimming pool, and so on.

Preferred standpoint

1. Once through structure, propelled level in residential and worldwide.

2. Following 4 or 5 minutes start, it can get enough compelled steam.

3. Naturally control burning, steam weight and water level, guarantee sheltered and prudent activity.

4. Ignition gas streaming among conductor bunch at a rapid that guarantees top notch warm convection and exchange and high impact warm assimilation.

5. Calm task and stable ignition, totally agreeing with natural security standard.

6. Idealize kettle body structure guarantees top notch warming assimilation and high ignition productivity up to 92% – 96%.

7. High innovation, high caliber, completely programmed CO2 welding, parts institutionalization and quality confirmation.

8. View at the same time different boilers task in screen see, record downtime, area, dissipation limit, fuel utilization, water, steam weight, water temperature, deplete temperature, feed water temperature , and so forth. It can print the day by day report and month to month report.

9. Preheater utilizes consistent steel pipe, experiences sand impacting and hot-plunge arousing treatment and draws out administration life

IDM Boiler Co. Ltd. is a cutting edge endeavor and the spine undertaking of national kettle producing, it is mechanical advancement based venture in household heater industry, and the biggest innovative work base of low speed flowing fluidized bed evaporator in indonesia. The organization possess Grade A Boiler fabricating permit, class-I and class – II weight vessel make permit, and the primary level of heater establishment permit, likewise, the organization passes ISO 9001 global quality framework accreditation.

The organization is situated in Soekarno Hatta Airport Economy Zone, it covers a zone of 134,000㎡ and the development territory is 106,000㎡. In excess of 800 representatives are working here, including 110 building specialists, and 12 of them are sensor engineers. It is astounding prepared, there are in excess of 700 noteworthy generation machines, which incorporate 2 substantial arrangements of creation line with 12 end stomach divider made in Japan Sonic, Serpentine welding, break location, drinking spree pipe generation, expansive scale 60mm CNC twisting machine, 1600mm lines tube bowing machine, creation line with 48m long CNC programmed welding task machine, and 30mm CNC cutting machine.

“Improvement originates from the trend setting innovation, and advantage originates from development administration”. Innovation advancement and administration development are two qualities of the organization.

IDM Boiler is furnished with cutting edge CAD workstation, and set up CAD/CAPP/PDM coordinated data arrangement of PC helped configuration, process plan and outline administration on heater items. In the innovation focus, there are 6 architects moved on from ITB University, and 20 moved on from University of bandung ITB Institute of Technology and different popular colleges, these abilities have extraordinary development limits on innovation.

IDM Boiler focuses on the development of high-method ecological assurance and vitality sparing kettle, exploits colleges’ logical research, frames an innovation advancement framework – showcase arranged, item connected and the mix of creation, instructing and examine. A progression of cutting edge boilers are created helpfully, and they are drawing nearer to the market quickly.

Innovative AND PATENT

“Science and innovation first ” is the organization’s business rationality, science and innovation development is the organization’s first major characteristic.IDM Boiler is furnished with cutting edge CAD workstation, and set up CAD/CAPP/PDM incorporated data arrangement of PC helped configuration, process outline and plan administration on kettle items. In the innovation focus, there are 6 planners moved on from bandung ITB Institute, and 20 moved on from University of Bandung for Science and Technology, ITS Institute of Technology and different well known colleges, these gifts have awesome development limits on innovation.

Worldwide Business

IDM Boiler dependably focus on the heater quality and benefit, and has won the trust and support of clients everywhere throughout the world. We have set up in excess of 30 deals and after deal benefit workplaces in Indonesia , and offer 24 hours online administration. The modern boilers and weight vessels have been sent out to in excess of 60 countries,Nexs time including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Zambia, Ethiopia, Egypt, UAE, Tajikistan, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Peru.

Heater Customization

IDM Boiler claims a develop R&D and configuration group, and participates with various logical research organizations for quite a while, Bandung ITS University. IDM Boiler could redo the heater in light of the necessity of clients, water quality and fuel attributes, to meet the working prerequisite and greatest the boilers’ viability. The alter parts could be grind, burner, heater, air pre-radiator, water treatment hardware, dust evacuation gadget, electric control bureau, variable recurrence engine, economizer, kettle shading, and so on.

Efisiensi Vertical Steam Boilers Are Safer By Design

Vertical Steam Boilers Are Safer By Design

harga boiler miura murah
harga boiler miura murah

Choosing a steam boiler for your facility is an enormous decision — especially if you’re looking for a cost-effective option that will last you for years to come. Luckily, by prioritizing safety and energy efficiency, your facility can actually end up saving money in the short-term and the long-term.

We size our boilers to specifically meet the requirements set forth by the company’s steam demands. Instead of having a boiler running all day, wasting fuel and energy, most of it latent – and a second boiler for backup, Miura will let our customers know, through our in-service efficiency studies, exactly the amount of horsepower they would need to run the operation efficiently and if we’ll calculate for certain variables (seasonal temperature changes, load swings from running different & unrelated processes throughout the day/week/month).

Essentially, in the short term – we customize our units around their processes and give them what they really need. There have been many occasions where one of our customers advised that they are only running half of what they need and the fire tube unit they received was sized too large.

Operating costs are lower because the boiler runs only when you need it. Customers use less fuel, which lessens the need for a company to have an operator or boiler technician on hand 24/7.

Learn how the safety and energy efficiency of a Miura steam boiler is a cut above the rest.


When purchasing a boiler, safety should be one of your top concerns. If a conventional fire tube boiler becomes unstable and fails, the resulting explosion can be devastating and potentially lethal. That’s not the case with Miura boilers, which boast an unparalleled track record for safety. Here’s what you can expect with a Miura steam boiler:

  • No catastrophic failures. Thanks to innovative engineering, any issue with a Miura water tube boiler will remain localized, preventing devastating explosions that can occur with unstable fire tube boilers. In Miura’s long history of producing top-notch steam power systems (and with over 140,00 units in operation worldwide), there has never been a documented catastrophic failure of one of its boilers.
  • Monitoring system.Every Miura boiler comes equipped with the Miura Online Maintenance System (MOM), which detect issues before they become serious problems. The system allows expert Miura technicians to monitor real-time boiler data and diagnose issues remotely.

Energy efficiency

In addition to an impeccable safety record, Miura steam boilers are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional boilers. Why?

  • They save on fuel. Running a boiler 24/7 when you’re not using it is a waste of fuel. Miura’s modular boilers turn on and off easily — producing steam only when you need it.
  • They conserve water. Miura boilers operate using 90 percent less water than conventional fire tube boilers.
  • They emit less greenhouse gases. Miura boilers boast some of the industry’s lowest NOx emissions right off the shelf.

What Industries Benefit the Most From a Modular Boiler System?

The correct kind of heater for your business is to a great extent reliant on your industry. Periodically, counseling with different organizations in your industry is the most ideal approach to locate the correct kettle. In any case, an ever increasing number of enterprises are finding that a measured evaporator framework is the correct fit. Here are a couple of businesses that have started to see incredible advantages in utilizing a measured heater framework.

Social insurance

Healing facilities regularly have immense steam requirements for warming, humidification, and disinfection purposes. A particular heater framework can assist manage these extensive needs that are frequently in a consistent condition of vacillation. Secluded boilers are likewise more fuel effective than regular boilers, helping healing centers spare cash on fuel and devote a greater amount of their financial plan toward helping patients.


Most school grounds have enormous steam needs early in the day, just to see those requirements disseminate over the span of the day. Secluded boilers are preferable at ceasing and beginning once again more seasoned boilers that run sit out of gear and waste vitality when they’re not running at crest limit. Not exclusively improves suited to manage a school’s fluctuating needs, however it decreases fuel costs so more cash can be put toward instructive administrations.

Bottling works

Distilleries depend on proficient boilers to make high temp water amid the fermenting procedure, also the disinfection and purification that happens when the brew is set in barrels or jugs. For littler specialty bottling works, the littler size of measured boilers is additionally advantageous, as they can spare space when space is frequently at a premium.

Nourishment Industry

Any sort of sustenance maker requires expansive volumes of boiling water for sanitation, and also steam to warm the building, cook and get ready nourishment, and power different machines. This isn’t normally done on an all day, every day premise, as it’s vital to have particular boilers that can be turned on and off as requirements change, as opposed to depend on out-dated boilers that are continually running and squandering vitality notwithstanding when they aren’t being used.


Clothing offices both of all shapes and sizes require vast volumes of heated water for cleaning, and also steam to iron and press garments. Like different enterprises, these necessities aren’t steady. With particular boilers, clothing offices can rapidly begin their boilers and make them work at full limit in a brief timeframe and after that begin to turn them off as their needs decrease.


Material assembling expects water to be warmed to a particular temperature amid the coloring procedure. Particular steam boilers have the advancement to achieve that temperature in a matter of minutes and stay there as long as vital. Contrasted with traditional boilers, secluded boilers can all the more likely handle the sporadic steam needs of material assembling, helping organizations enhance their profitability.

How Water Tube Type Boilers Work

One of the most recent advances in steam generation innovation is the utilization of water tube boilers. This sort of evaporator is particular from ordinary fire tube boilers. Water tube boilers are more proficient than flame tube boilers, creating more steam yet utilizing less fuel. They are likewise significantly more secure than flame tube boilers and simpler to oversee with regards to routine assessments and upkeep. So how precisely do these water tube boilers work?

It begins with the burner. At the point when fuel is singed inside the heater it makes hot gas that streams all through the evaporator. At times, the gas will hit the back mass of the evaporator and afterward bob back toward the opposite end of the kettle. This makes much more warmth inside the heater, which can help lessen the measure of fuel expected to create warm at ideal levels.

While this hot gas is moving all through the evaporator, it warms up the water inside a progression of tubes that sit amidst the kettle. These water tubes are formed like a square shape and generally the length of the kettle itself. The tubes are likewise totally fixed and can withstand a lot of weight so no water can spill out and no fire or gas can infiltrate within the tube. Basically, the fire and gas delivered by the burner float around the water tubes, warming them and the water inside them remotely.

This is a striking distinction from flame tube boilers, in which the water that is being utilized to make steam will encompass the warmth source. With water tube boilers, the warmth source is scattered all through the heater and encompasses the water tubes, which isn’t just more productive yet in addition requires less water. The water is likewise ready to move and flow all through the tubes, which can put less weight on the heater, a component not found in flame tube boilers.

The water that has been warmed inside the tubes ascends to the highest point of the heater into the steam drum. Sitting at the base of the steam drum is bubbling water that keeps on being warmed by the fire and gas made by the burner. This bubbling water at last moves toward becoming steam that would then be able to be discharged by the kettle to be utilized for warming and different purposes.

The procedure regularly takes just a couple of minutes, making usable steam at a significantly higher rate than flame tube boilers, which can set aside a stretched out time of opportunity to achieve crest creation levels.

Water tube boilers additionally have a downcomer tube that interfaces the steam drum to the feed water drum. On the off chance that the steam cools and consolidates once again into water beads, that water can deplete from the steam drum to the feed water drum through the downcomer tube. This enables water to reappear the kettle’s water supply, return into the tubes, and by and by be transformed into helpful steam. Once more, this decreases the measure of water required inside the heater.

The whole procedure isn’t just done speedier than with conventional boilers yet it should likewise be possible in a substantially littler territory. Therefore, water tube boilers have a littler impression than customary fire tube boilers, accounting for a bigger number of boilers than can additionally upgrade effectiveness.


How Laundry Companies Save Money and Energy from Verticl Boilers

Washing garments requires gigantic measures of boiling water, also steam that is utilized to dry, iron, and press garments. With such exceptional needs, clothing organizations are an ideal fit for Miura’s particular steam boilers, which can help organizations in the clothing business spare both cash and vitality.

Forward Laundry, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland is the ideal illustration. Consistently, Up To Date Laundry handles a large number of pounds of clothing for an assortment of lodging and medicinal services customers all through the Mid-Atlantic district. The organization likewise puts awesome accentuation on being earth cordial and decreasing its carbon impression. Both of these errands have turned out to be substantially simpler after Up To Date Laundry introduced three of Miura’s secluded boilers.

Indeed, even from a cool begin, Miura’s boilers can get Up To Date Laundry’s plant at its full working weight in negligible minutes. Once there, the boilers can be turned on or off contingent upon the organization’s fluctuating needs finished the course of the day. Traditional boilers would need to keep running on to the max throughout the day, squandering vitality when the requirement for steam diminished. With Miura, Up To Date Laundry presently has boilers with the adaptability to deal with the organization’s correct needs, helping them diminish their vitality costs by 20 percent.

Utilizing less fuel isn’t useful for Up To Date Laundry’s primary concern, yet it additionally enables the organization to meet its discharge objectives. Less fuel implies diminished CO2 emanations, increasing To Date Laundry and comparable organizations agree to limits on petroleum derivative outflows. Miura’s boilers are likewise ready to lessen the temperature of their fire, bringing about a 75 percent diminishment in NOx emanations.

“With Miura boilers, there’s to a lesser extent a volume of water in the real heater, which makes for a more secure condition,” says Ken Weiman, the main specialist at Up To Date Laundry.

The capacity to turn Miura boilers on and off helps spare vitality, as well as surrender organizations jump at the chance To Date Laundry compensation alleviation. Prior to doing the change to Miura, regardless of whether clothing tasks ceased for the day, a representative would need to screen the kettle medium-term for security purposes. Notwithstanding, Miura’s boilers can move to backup or stop totally when they’re not required, knowing they can be failed early in the day and began up in only a couple of minutes. This component of Miura boilers ups To Date Laundry and comparative organizations lessen both labor and finance, which they are very cheerful to do because of Miura.

How a Modular Steam Boiler System Work

The essential plan contrast between measured steam boilers and conventional boilers is estimate. Regular boilers are enormous, waiting be so huge keeping in mind the end goal to meet the pinnacle needs of an organization or association. Secluded boilers, then again, are considerably littler and more minimized. They were intended to address the regularly constrained measure of room in an engine compartment or steam plant. Notwithstanding their minimized size, secluded boilers have no tube-pull space or entryway swing space, additionally diminishing their impression and including important space and adaptability.

In spite of being littler than regular boilers, measured steam frameworks are as yet ready to deliver a similar measure of steam, if not more steam, than more established boilers. The low-volume weight vessel makes it conceivable to accomplish yield limits that are tantamount to regular boilers.

The way to secluded steam boilers is that their littler size makes it conceivable to introduce various boilers in a similar space that was beforehand held for only one huge heater. This gathering of different boilers would all be able to be separate establishments. In any case, it’s more typical for them to have a similar purpose of-utilization, which is a piece of the motivation behind supplanting an old, regular kettle with different secluded boilers.

Having a few measured boilers makes greater adaptability to deal with fluctuating needs and increment the general effectiveness of your heater framework. The littler particular boilers are intended to work pair with each other. In the meantime, they work freely of each other. For example, every evaporator has its own burner so only one out of every odd heater in the framework must be lit all the while.

On the off chance that the steam require is noteworthy, the majority of the boilers can work in the meantime, making the yield of a bigger kettle. In any case, when require drops, some can be closed off with the goal that vitality and fuel aren’t squandered. This gives a secluded heater framework the adaptability to adjust to changing steam needs, while in the meantime making it more vitality productive.

With every evaporator in the framework having its own burner, it’s not just conceivable to close down specific boilers when there’s a drop in require, yet every heater can likewise be closed down for upkeep without the whole framework waiting be closed down. The littler evaporator estimate additionally makes examinations a great deal quicker, with the regular investigation enduring just a large portion of multi day. All the more vitally, steam creation doesn’t need to drop essentially in the occasion one of the boilers requires upkeep or should be closed down for a standard review.

A measured steam heater framework additionally makes it simple to substitute the boilers that are being used. An ace controller can be utilized to differ the measure of steam being delivered by every individual evaporator with the goal that a similar maybe a couple boilers aren’t doing all the truly difficult work while the lay just go ahead from time to time. This component enhances the proficiency of the whole framework and diminishes the wear and tear of every individual kettle, implying that every heater will last more and require upkeep less much of the time.

Dissimilar to regular boilers that set aside a significant lot of opportunity to startup, which frequently expects them to be left out of gear when steam needs are low, secluded boilers are intended to be turned on and off rapidly. Secluded boilers can be begun inside a matter of minutes, so there’s no compelling reason to dither to turn one off when it’s not required. The consequence of this is a noteworthy lessening in the measure of water and fuel utilized contrasted with regular boilers.

The last outline contrast in secluded steam boilers is the means by which simple it can be to include or evacuate boilers when steam necessities change. The particular boilers consume up less space than regular boilers, thus there is commonly space to extend without expecting to grow the measure of the engine compartment or steam plant. Along these lines, a measured steam kettle framework can enhance in general steam generation contrasted with the obsolete boilers of yesteryear.

5 Must-Have Industrial Boiler Ancillaries

In the event that you need your modern heater to execute and also conceivable, you will need to give it some help. This regularly incorporates subordinate items that can help enhance the productivity and wellbeing of your heater. With assistance from these five must-have ancillaries, you can get the most out of your evaporator.

  1. Water Softener

Calcium and magnesium in your water supply can cause hard scale on your kettle tube surfaces, which can prompt both overheating and a noteworthy decrease in effectiveness. The best answer for this is a water conditioner that can enhance the nature of the water being utilized in your evaporator. By identifying and treating any hard water you will diminish the possibility of evaporator tube disappointment and enhance your kettle’s proficiency.

  1. Boilermate

Boilermate is the most ideal approach to avoid erosion of your kettle’s water tubes. Miura’s Boilermate is made basically out of silica, which is a natural and earth amicable fixing that invalidates the destructive particles in water that can cause water tube consumption. It’s a sheltered and powerful approach to treat your water and keep your kettle’s water tubes fit as a fiddle.

  1. Concoction Monitoring System

A concoction observing framework like the one offered by Miura incorporates a compound level switch, synthetic pump mistake check, and a stream detecting gadget. The framework will guarantee there is a sheltered adjust of silica originating from your Boilermate to help augment proficiency and keep your heater from being hurt by specific synthetic concoctions.

  1. Hardness Detection System

Checking your water’s hardness should be possible physically, in spite of the fact that that can be a tedious movement that doesn’t generally yield exact outcomes. The Colorimetry Hardness Detection System takes care of both of these issues with a robotized infusion of the reagent that tests for hard water and a caution that will alarm you if hardness in your water supply is identified. This will enable you to track your water quality, which is specifically fixing to the life span of your kettle.

  1. Heater Monitoring and Control

Each Miura heater incorporates a BL Micro Controller that will screen and distinguish any issues that could conceivably ruin steam creation. The Controller will likewise prescribe a simple to-take after answer for any issue that requires a professional with specific preparing. The BL Micro Controller can likewise be gotten to by Miura through the organization’s remote checking framework, enabling a Miura delegate to talk you through any issue.

Get everything in a turnkey engine compartment

Miura likewise offers a turnkey engine compartment that incorporates all the subordinate items you’ll ever require. Miura’s turnkey engine compartment incorporates Boilermate, a water conditioner, tanks, pumps, and everything else you’ll require cooperating to amplify your evaporator’s effectiveness. There is additionally a correspondence framework with Miura that will guarantee any issue can be explained at the earliest opportunity.

Contact Miura today to take in more about how a turnkey engine compartment can profit your business.

Jasa Design dan Pabrikasi Thermal Oil heater Gas Engine Marine Tanker

Pemanfaatan Gas Engine Marine Tanker


Latar belakang penelitian ini adalah tentang kapal tanker dipergunakan untuk mengangkut berbagai bahan kimia cair, misalnya; bahan bakar minyak, baik berupa minyak mentah maupun yang sudah olahan, cairan kimia, merupakan material yang memiliki sifat mudah terbakar dan mudah meledak (ekplosif). Pengiriman bahan bakar dengan menggunakan kapal tanker, dimana bahan bakar tersebut diangkut di dalam tangki-tangki yang terdapat di dalam lambung kapal. Pada setiap kapal tanker selalu ada ruang antara permukaan bahan bakar dengan dinding bagian atas tangki, yang disebut dengan rongga tangki.. Rongga tangki ini memiliki faktor risiko yang tinggi dan memerlukan perlakuan khusus karena bersifat mudah terbakar atau combustible. Artinya kalau ada penyulut/sumber programming interface di dalam ruang tersebut, maka akan mudah terbakar, karena pada tempat tersebut ada unsur-unsur terjadinya kebakaran, yaitu berupa bahan yang mudah terbakar dan oksigen yang terkandung dalam udara (21%). Sesuai peraturan yang tertuang dalam Amandement SOLAS reg 1-2/4.5.5 International Maritime Organization (IMO) bahwa kadar oksigen di dalam rongga tangki tidak boleh lebih dari 8 persen dalam volume dan harus pada tekanan positif.


Economizer gas buang kapal tanker
Economizer gas buang kapal tanker

Sehingga semua kapal tanker diharuskan dilengkapi dormant gas framework yang berfungsi untuk menjaga rongga udara yang ada di dalam tangki agar memiliki jumlah oksigen sesuai dengan ketentuan International Maritime Organization (IMO) tersebut. Tujuan dari batas oksigen adalah agar isi tangki tidak mudah terbakar pada saat pengiriman maupun bongkar muatan, kecuali bila tangki akan diperlukan untuk bebas (gas liberating), sedangkan tekanan harus positif untuk mencegah udara masuk, serta membantu pemompaan untuk bongkar muatan. Jika tidak dapat tercapai kondisi tersebut, maka kapal tidak diperbolehkan melakukan pembongkaran kargo maupun pembersihan tangki kargo. Bertambahnya volume rongga tangki akibat pembongkaran muatan harus, diimbangi dengan jumlah gas lembam yang harus dimasukkan ke dalam tangki agar tekanan dan kadar gas lembam tetap terjaga. Kapal Motor tanker Gandini mempunyai kapasitas angkut 42.875 m3 dengan kapasitas bongkar muatan sebesar 1200 m3/h. Latent gas framework yang digunakan adalah Daewoo Heavy Ind. Ltd dengan Nozel measure m14, konsumsi bahan bakar 20 US lady/h. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui jumlah bahan bakar yang harus dibakar pada latent gas framework MT. Gandini pada saat bongkar muatan.








Metode yang digunakan adalah kajian kepustakaan dengan pendekatan secara eksploratif deskriptif. PEMBAHASAN Kebakaran dan Proses Pembakaran Pada saat melakukan aktivitas bongkar kargo tidak tertutup kemungkinan terjadi gesekan/benturan antara logam-logam yang dapat menimbulkan percikan bunga programming interface. Jika percikan tersebut terjadi dan rongga udara di atas minyak memiliki kandungan oksigen yang cukup tinggi (21%), maka percikan bunga programming interface tersebut dapat menyulut bahan bakar sehingga menimbulkan kebakaran maupun ledakan. Untuk itu diperlukan suatu sistem yang mengatur kandungan oksigen hingga kandungannya berada di bawah 8%, sesuai Standar for latent gas frameworks yaitu dengan menggunakan sistem pembangkit gas lembam (Inert Gas System,IGS,1984:2) berupa CO2 dan gas lainlain hasil pembakaran, yang tidak mendukung expositions terjadinya kebakaran. Fungsi gas lembam yang lain adalah untuk menjaga agar tekanan di atas rongga muatan kapal tetap positif agar isi kargo mudah dipompakan dan menghindari udara luar masuk ke dalam tangki. Tiga unsur penyebab kebakaran yang berada pada suatu tempat secara bersamaan adalah: (1) Material yang mudah terbakar, sebagai bahan bakar, (2) Sumber programming interface (start source), (3) Oksigen (yang cukup). Menurut Efisiensi Energi Untuk Industri Asia www.energyefficiencyasia (2006:13)

komposisi bahan bakar dari analisis laboratorium sebagai berikut: Sedangkan information analisis dengan jumlah sampel minyak bakar 100 kg, maka reaksi kimianya adalah sebagai berikut: Reaksi Kimia Pembakaran C + O2 – > CO2 2 + 1/2O2 – > H2O S + O2 – > SO2 Unsur Bahan Bakar: 1. Untuk pembentukan CO2 C + O2 – > CO2 12 + 32 – > 44 atau 1 (C) + 32/12 (O2) – > 44/12 (CO2) 12 kg karbon memerlukan 32 kg oksigen membentuk 44 kg karbon dioksida. Oleh karena itu 1 kg karbon memerlukan 32/12 kg atau 2,67 kg oksigen. Sehingga untuk 85.9 C: (85,9) C + (229,07) O2 – > (314.97) CO2 2. Untuk pembentukan H2O 2H2 + O2 – > 2H2O 4 + 32 – > 36 4 kg hidrogen memerlukan 32 kg oksigen membentuk 36 kg air. Oleh karena itu 1 kg hidrogen memerlukan 32/4 kg atau 8 kg oksigen. Sehingga untuk 1 kg Hidrogen persamaannya adalah: Inert Gas System Kapal Motor Tanker Gandini Unsur Berat (%) Karbon 85,9 Hidrogen 12 Oksigen 0,7 Nitrogen 0,5 Sulfur 0,5 H2O 0,35 Abu 0,05 GCV bahan bakar 10880 kcal/kg Tabel 1. Komposisi Bahan Bakar dari Analisis Laboratorium Unsur Berat Molekul (kg/kg mol) C 12 O2 32 H2 2 S 32 N2 28 C 44 SO2 64 H2O 18

H2 + 8 O2 – > 9 H2O Untuk 12 kg unsur H2 (12) H2 + (96) O2 – > (108 ) H2O 3. Untuk pembentukan SO2 S + O2 – > SO2 32 + 32 – > 64 32 kg sulfur memerlukan 32 kg oksigen membentuk 64 kg sulfur dioksida. Oleh karena itu 1 kg sulfur memerlukan 32/32 kg atau 1 kg oksigen (0,5) S + (0,5 x 1) O2 ® 1,0 SO2. Sehingga add up to oksigen yang dibutuhkan untuk membakar 100 kg bahan bakar adalah 325,57 kg (229,07 + 96 + 0,5) kg. Oksigen yang sudah ada dalam100 kg bahan bakar = 0,7 kg. Sehingga Oksigen tambahan yang diperlukan = 325,57 – 0,7 = 324,87 kg. Jumlah udara kering yang diperlukan untuk pembakaran 100 kg bahan bakar adalah = (324,87)/0,23 = 1412,45 kg (udara mengandung 23% berat oksigen) Sehingga udara teoritis yang diperlukan = (1412,45)/100=14,12 kg udara/kg b.bakar. Jadi untuk membakar setiap kg minyak bakar, diperlukan udara 14,12 kg. Sistem Gas Lembam Prinsip kerja dari pemakaian sistem gas lembam ini pada kapal tangker adalah untuk menjaga agar udara yang berada di dalam rongga tangki penyimpan minyak memiliki kandungan Oksigen (O2) maksimum 8% dan memiliki tekanan positip (di atas tekanan atmosfir). Cara untuk menjaga agar kandungan Oksigen rongga udara di atas minyak rendah, yaitu dengan cara mendorong udara tersebut dengan gas lembam. Kapasitas bongkar kapal tangker dipengaruhi oleh kapasitas gas lembam yang disuplai ke rongga kargo. Klasifikasi status kadar karbon di ruang kargo sebagai berikut:

No Kadar O2 Status 1 11% Max.Oxygen Level 2 8% Max. Oxygen Level Allowed 3 5% Satisfactory Oxygen Level 4 < 3% Best Oxygen Level T

Menurut Smith (1985:412) bahwa Gas lembam dapat diperoleh dari berbagai cara, yaitu: (1) Pemanfaatan Gas buang evaporator, (2) Nitrogen, (3) Gas pembakaran burner, (4) Gas buang mesin diesel Masing-masing gas lembam yang dihasilkan oleh berbagai cara di atas memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan. Kerugian dan keuntungan memperoleh gas lembam yang diperoleh dari berbagai cara di atas adalah: 1. Gas buang heater; memiliki sifat yang korosif tetapi tidak perlu mengeluarkan biaya operasi tambahan untuk dapat memperoleh gas lembam karena pada kapal tangker selalu dilengkapi evaporator 2. Nitrogen; adalah gas yang tidak dapat terbakar, akan tetapi di kapal jumlahnya sangat terbatas dan harus mengeluarkan biaya untuk mendapatkannya. Untuk kargo berupa cairan kimia, maka dormant gas yang dipergunakan adalah Nitrogen. Hal tersebut dikarenakan tidak ada carbon/kotoran gas yang dihasilkan 3. Gas buang mesin diesel; meskipun diperoleh dengan cara memanfaatkan gas sisa pembakaran akan tetapi kandungan Oksigennya masih cukup tinggi, yaitu sekitar 12%. 4. Gas hasil pembakaran bahan bakar dengan burner; cara ini diperlukan biaya tambahan untuk bahan bakar, akan tetapi nilai positifnya adalah jumlah gas lembam yang dihasilkan dapat diatur dengan mudah. Dari berbagai cara memperoleh gas lembam di atas, yang withering banyak dijumpai pada kapal tangker adalah yang menggunakan burner. Hal tersebut dikarenakan fleksibel pengaturannya. Kondisi Gas lembam yang dihasilkan dari inactive gas framework dengan menggunakan burner, adalah: 1. CO2 sebesar 13.76% dari volume. Sifatnya dormant dan toxid (beracun). Gas ini juga tidak perlu diragukan karena walaupun beracun, hanya dimasukkan dalam tangki dan yang penting tidak akan membantu memicu terjadinya kebakaran dan tidak korosif. 2. H2O sebesar 4.7% dari volume, bersifat Inert dan dapat diterima karena kadarnya rendah. 3. O2 sebesar 7.8% dari volume. Kadar O2 sebesar 7.5% di bawah upper – combustible.

4. CO sebesar 0,1% dari volume. CO merupakan toxid tapi kadarnya rendah. 5. Nitrogen sekitar 73.7% Temperatur gas pembakaran dari inactive gas berkisar 300 oC sampai 350oC. Temperatur tersebut terlalu tinggi untuk dapat dipergunakan sebagai gas lembam, sehingga harus didinginkan terlebih dahulu sebelum digunakan. Elemen-elemen Inert Gas System Secara skematis compositions latent gas framework dengan menggunakan burner adalah seperti terlihat pada Gambar 1 berikut: Gambar 1. Skema Aliran Kerja Inert Gas System Keterangan: A. Blower; Ruang pembakaran adalah ruang tertutup, sehingga diperlukan suplai udara untuk expositions pembakaran. Fungsi dari blower adalah untuk menyuplai udara pembakaran pada burner B. Burner; Fungsi burner adalah untuk membakar bahan bakar agar diperoleh gas lembam C. Pompa air laut; Untuk memompa air laut yang dipergunakan untuk menurunkan temperatur gas hasil pembakaran dan untuk mencegah programming interface agar tidak keluar dari ruang pembakaran. D. Nozel Penyemprot Air Pendingin; Temperatur yang tinggi pada udara lembam sangat berbahaya, maka perlu untuk dinginkan. Pendinginan dilakukan dengan menyemprot udara lembam dengan air melalui nozel. E. Scrubber; Scrubber (Gambar 2) adalah tangki penghasil gas lembam yang di dalamnya berisi ruang bakar, alat pembakar/burner, saringan-saringan untuk menyaring gas hasil pembakaran serta nozel yang memancarkan air untuk mendinginkan.

Menurut Smith (1985:414) analisis berdasarkan volume kondisi unsur-unsur gas sesudah masuk scrubber adalah sebagai berikut: F. Filter Demister; Fungsi dari filter ini adalah untuk menghindari kotoran dari hasil pembakaran masuk ke dalam tangki. G. Pompa Bahan Bakar; Fungsi dari pompa ini adalah untuk memompakan bahan bakar ke burner agar memiliki tekanan penyemprotan yang sesuai, sehingga pembakaran dapat terjadi dengan sempurna. I. Level Switch; Untuk mengatur ketinggian air pada scrubber. Jika ketinggian air berkurang, maka aliran listrik untuk pompa dialirkan, sehingga pompa akan berjalan dan air akan mengisi scrubber sampai pada batas ketinggian yang telah ditetapkan. H. Katup Cerat (Drain Valve); Fungsinya adalah untuk menguras/ mengeluarkan cairan J. Pengukur kadar O2 (Analyzer O2); Alat ini berfungsi untuk mengetahui kandungan Oksigen di dalam tangki. Inert Gas System Kapal Motor Tanker Gandini Jenis Gas Kandungan Carbon dioxide, CO2 12% Oxygen, O2 4.5% Sulphur dioxide, SO2 0.02% Nitrogen, N2 77%

Mengingat pentingnya fungsi alat ini, maka secara periodic dilakukan kalibrasi. K. Pressure Connection; Fungsi alat ini adalah untuk mengukur tekanan udara di dalam tangki kargo. L. Deck Water Seal; Pada tangki ini supplay air akan berlangsung selama inert gas system beroperasi. Air ini berfungsi mencegah aliran balik dari udara lembam yang akan dialirkan ke tangki cargo. Pada tanki ini terpasang sebuah sight glass yang berfungsi mengetahui ketinggian (volume ) air yang ada di dalam tangki secara periodik agar tidak terjadi kesalahan dalam melihat tinggi permukaan air, sebab kalau kondisi air kurang maka udara lembam akan kembali ke ruang pembakaran di inert gas sistem. Beberapa jenis deck water seal, berdasarkan standar inert gas system yang diterbitkan oleh Transport Canada, seperti terlihat pada gambar 3, yaitu: (1) Wet type, (2) Semi dry type, (3) Dry type, seperti terlihat pada gambar 3 berikut: Gambar 3. Pipe line Inert Gas System di dek Kapal Dasar Perhitungan 1. Inert gas system Massa aliran gas lembam (mgl, kg/h) yang dihasilkan oleh inert gas system : (1) Keterangan Kbb : Konsumsi bahan bakar, kg/h Kud : Konsumsi udara per kg bahan bakar

  1. Kalor Yang Dihasilkan di Furnace Jumlah kalor yang dihasilkan oleh pembakaran: (2) Dimana: Kbb : Konsumsi bahan bakar, kg/h : Nilai kalor bahan bakar, kcal/kg 3. Kalor yang Harus Dilepas Untuk memperoleh temperatur gas lembem yang sesuai untuk disuplai ke rongga tangki, maka gas hasil pembakaran harus didinginkan. Jumlah kalor yang harus dikeluarkan/dilepas dari gas lembam adalah: (3) 4. Kebutuhan Air Untuk Pendingin Kebutuhan air pendingin untuk keperluan pendinginan. atau (4) Dimana: ma : Massa aliran air pendingin (kg/h) ∆Tair : Perbedaan temperature air pendingin cp : Kapasitas panas air pendingin, kJ/kg.oC Hasil Pengolahan Data dan Pembahasan Data Hasil Kapal Tanker MT. GANDINI 1. Bendera : Indonesia 2. DWT(MT) : 32.04 (MT) 3. Tonage : 23.328 4. Kecepatan : 14 knot 5. Total isi tangki : 42.875 m3 6. Jenis muatan : Residual Marine, RMF 7. Jumlah tangki : 12 8. Kapasitas pompa kargo : 1.200 (m3 /h) Inert Gas System 1. Merek : Daewoo Heavy Ind. Ltd 2. Nozel size : m14 3. Konsumsi b.b : 20 US galon/h 4. Bahan bakar : Fuel oil Air laut sebagai pendingin, 1.Tmasuk : 25oC, 2. Tkeluar : 48oC Gas Lembam 1. Temp. gas keluar dari furnace : 350oC 2. Temperatur keluar pendinginan : 50oC (standar operasi) Inert Gas System Kapal Motor Tanker Gandini mgi = kbb + (kbb x kud) q = kbb x GCV q = kbb x GCV qcool = ma.cp.∆Tair ma = qcool ma.cp.∆Ta

Perhitungan Inert gas system Bahan bakar : Fuel Oil Massa jenis : 0.95 kg/l Konsumsi bahan bakar : 20 US galon/h = 75,708 l/h atau = 0.95 kg/l x 75,708 l/h = 71,92 kg/h Massa Aliran Gas Lembam Untuk proses pembakaran standar, kebutuhan udara untuk membakar 1 kg bahan bakar adalah sebesar 14.1245 kg udara. Akan tetapi untuk menghindari adanya bahan bakar yang tidak terbakar udara yang masuk ditambah dengan 55% Maka massa aliran gas lembam (mgl) yang dihasilkan setiap jam adalah: Dimana: Kbb : 71,92 kg/h Kud : 1.22 x 14.12 kg udara per kg bahan bakar. Maka massa aliran gas lembam adalah : Menurut Pedoman Efisiensi Energi untuk Industri di Asia diperoleh bahwa gas hasil pembakaran atas dasar prosentase massa, terdiri dari: CO2: 13.76% H2O: 4.7% SO2 : 0.04% O2 : 7.8% N2 : 73.7% Massa aliran masing-masing unsur gas hasil pembakaran adalah: Kapasitas Aliran Gas Lembam Pada temperatur 50oC density dan kapasitas aliran untuk masing-masing unsur adalah: E-Journal WIDYA Eksakta 39 Volume 1 Nomor 1 September 2015 Sri Endah Susilowati, 34 – 40 Kapastas produksi gas lembam 1.505,3 m3 /h dengan kandungan O2 sebesar 7,8%, artinya inert gas system tidak perlu dioperasikan secara penuh. Karena kebutuhannya hanya 1.200 m3 /h. Jadi cukup dioperasikan 80% saja. Pendinginan Gas Lembam Jumlah kalor yang dihasilkan oleh pembakaran: q = kbb x GCV Dimana : q : Kalor hasil pembakaran (kcal/h) Kbb : Konsumsi bahan bakar : 71,92 kg/h GCV : Nilai kalor b.bakar : 10.880 kcal/kg Maka : q = 71.62 x 10.880 = 779.226 (kcal / h) Temperatur udara luar 25oC, temperatur gas keluar dari furnace 350oC, sedangkan temperature akhir pendinginan 50oC (standar inert gas). Untuk mencapai temperatur gas lembam sebesar 50oC, maka kalor yang harus dikeluarkan dari sistem adalah sekitar 90% dari kalor yang dihasilkan pada proses pembakaran. Sehingga kalor yang harus dikeluarkan dari gas lembam: qcool = 90% x q = 90% x 779.226 qcool = 701.303 (kcal / h) Kebutuhan Air Pendingin Kebutuhan air pendingin untuk keperluan pendinginan gas lembam: Dimana : ma : Massa aliran air pendingin (kg/h) qcool = 701.303 (kcal / h) ∆Tair: Selisih temperature air pendingin TMasuk 25oC dan Tkeluar 48oC cp : pada Trata-rata 37.5oC = 4.174 kJ/kg.oC = 0.9971 kcal/kgoC Maka: Inert Gas System Kapal Motor Tanker Gandini mgi = 71.92 + (14.12 x 1.55 x 71.92) = 1646(kg/h) Usur Prosentase Massa Aliran (kg/h) CO2 13.76% 226 H2O 4.70% 77 SO2 0.04% 1 O2 7.80% 128 N2 73.70% 1,213 Tabel 5. Massa Gas Hasil Pembakaran Usur Density Massa Kapasitas (kg/m3) Aliran (kg/h) Aliran (m3/h) CO2 1.6597 226 136.5 H2O 0.6794 77 113.9 SO2 2.9270 1 0.2 O2 1.2068 128 106.4 N2 1.0564 1,213 1148.3 Total Kapasitas Aliran 1505.3 Tabel 6. Density dan Kapasitas Aliran untuk masing-masing Unsur ma = qcool ma.cp.∆Tair ma = = 30.580 (kg / h) 701.303 0.9971 x (48 – 25)

Massa jenis air (ρa) pada 37.5oC = 989 kg/m3 Maka kapasitas aliran air pendingin (Qcool) Berdasarkan data yang diperoleh di lapangan dan hasil perhitungan diperoleh bahwa: 1. Pada saat kapal tanker bongkar muatan, keluarnya isi kargo mengakibatkan bertambahnya volume rongga di atas permukaan cairan di dalam tangki, besarnya sesuai dengan volume isi kargo yang dipompakan keluar kapal. 2. Untuk menjaga agar jumlah oksigen di rongga tangki tetap berada dibawah 8% dari keseluruhan volume rongga, maka gas lembam harus dimasukkan/dialirkan ke dalam tangki untuk mencegah timbulnya kebakaran. Dari hasil perhitungan diperoleh: 1. Untuk pemakaian bahan bakar sebesar 20 US gal/jam, gas lembam yang dihasilkan adalah sebesar 1505,3 m3 /h, dengan kadar oksigen 7,8% 2. Untuk menjaga agar gas lembam yang masuk ke ruang tangki memiliki temperature 50oC, gas lembam yang keluar dari ruang bakar harus didinginkan. Besar kalor yang harus dikeluarkan adalah 701.303 kcal/h dengan cara menyemprotkan air laut sebanyak 31 m3 /h. 3. Untuk bongkar kargo dengan kapasitas 1.200 m3 /h, inert gas system cukup dioperasikan sebesar 80% saja. E-Journal WIDYA Eksakta 40 Volume 1 Nomor 1 September 2015 Sri Endah Susilowati, 34 – 40 PENUTUP Kesimpulan 1. Dengan konsumsi bahan bakar sebesar 20 US gal/h, kapasitas produksi gas lembam adalah sebesar 1.505,3 m 3 /h. 2. Untuk memperoleh temperatur standar gas lembam, gas hasil pembakaran furnace di dalam scrubber, gas didinginkan dengan menggunakan air laut dengan kapasitas aliran 31 m3 /h. Saran Pada pengoperasian inert gas system jika kondisi tekanan, jumlah masing-masing unsure tidak sesuai komposisinya, terutama kadar oksigen maksimum 8%, serta temperature yang terlalu tinggi, maka disarankan dilakukan pengecekan pada elemen-elemen inert gas generator. DAFTAR PUSTAKA Chruch, Austin H.. Pompa dan Blower Sentrifugal. Terjemahan Zulkifli Harahap, Erlangga. Jakarta. 1995. Holman. Perpindahan Kalor. Terjemahan E. Jasjfi. Erlangga. Jakarta. 1997. Kreith, Frank, Perpindahan Panas. Terjemahan Arko Prijono. Erlangga. Jakarta. 1997. Pedoman Efisiensi Energi untuk Industri di Asia Smith David W. Marine Auxiliary Machinery, 6th Edition. Butterworths, London, Boston, Durban, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Welington. 1985. Streeter, Victor L., Benjamin Wylie. Mekanika Fluida. Terjem

Jasa Service Boiler -Modifikasi Boiler

PT INDIRA DWI MITRA , Sebuah perusahaan perbaikan steam boiler

maupun thermal oil heater dan Mechanical dn electrical

Perusahaan kami resmi ,sudah mendapat izin pemeliharaan dan repair dari otoritas Depnaker untuk pekerjaan meliputi boiler dan bejana tekan. Adapun Kontrak Pemeliharaan Boiler dapat dilakukan dengan kontrak jangka pendek ataupun tahunan. Dan juga kami melayani untuk pengadaan refractories, fire bricks, ceramic fiber termasuk jasa pemasangan baru dan rekondisi/repairs.



Perusahaan Kami Menawarkan perawatan dan perbaikan berkala sesuai kontrak service dengan kuntungan sebagai berikut:

  • Performa boiler tetap terjaga.
  • Boiler dan semua komponen pendukung (coal handling dan ash handling) lebih awet.
  • Biaya perawatan dan perbaikan lebih murah dibandingkan apabila terjadi kerusakan atau kapasitas boiler turun.
  • Tempat Boiler selalu bersih dan terawat.

Jasa Kontrak Service: 

  • Chemical Cleaning Boiler
  • Chemical Cleaning Heat Exchanger
  • Supply Chemichal Treatment Boiler
  • Supply Chemichal Treatment Heat Exchanger
  • Perwatan dan Cleaning Boiler dan Heat Exchanger
  • Personil Chemical Cleaning & Repair Boiler


  1. Service boiler meliputi pekerjaan sebagai berikut:
    • Cleaning boiler (fire tube & water tube boiler)
    • chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning
    • hydrotest
    • setting safety valve
    • perizinan Depnaker
  2. Fuel conversion (penggantian bahan bakar dari solar ke gas atau residu)
    • modifikasi burner
    • penggantian burner
  3. Trouble shooting & kontrak service boiler
    Memberikan pelayanan yang cepat untuk mengatasi permasalahn boiler.
    Kontrak service meliputi :

    • boiler maintenance contract
    • periodic PCO (Portable Combustion Optimizer) test and check
  4. Retubing, refractory dan isolasi boiler mapun piping.




Type boiler Miura is the main steam maker that can band together with you for an extensive online support framework and aggregate weight vessel guarantees against workmanship and water treatment issues. Our entire frameworks are streamlined to cooperate, to expand productivity and execution. That implies you get the steam you require speedier, and all the more monetarily that ever previously.


A Turn-key engine compartment incorporates:

Measured Boiler Systems

MW Water Softener

BOILERMATE® Water Treatment

Feedwater Tank

Feedwater Pumps

Brackish water Tank



design boiler type miura
kelebihan jenis boiler model miura

Steam Header

Ace Controller Communication Systems

Fireplace Stacks

Establishment Services

Support Systems





water tube boiler miura
efisiensi boiler model miura,


Would you purchase an auto that necessities to sit out of gear throughout the night or warm up for a hour and a half before you can drive it? Obviously not. So why endured that for your heater? There’s no-warm up vital. In five minutes or less from start-up, you have steam to run your procedures, warm your office or whatever you require it for, when you require it. Miura’s boilers highlight quick begins that track correctly to exceptional load swings. With our inventive “MI” (Multiple Installation) framework, you can construct an on-request steam plant altered to take care of your particular demand necessities. Our MI framework gives the adaptability to work to current steam stacks inside tight resistances, and our more effective boilers are synchronized to give you the steam you need and cycle on and off when you needn’t bother with it.

water tube Miura boilers meet settle for less, decrease upkeep and checking needs, and lessen space necessities. What’s more, they do it with the most genuine world, in-benefit effectiveness conceivable, sparing you up to 20% on fuel costs.

Why Miura


Miura’s exceptional, minimized measured plan uses a low-volume weight vessel, offering yield limits equivalent to considerably bigger customary, obsolete boilers. The subsequent littler heater impression gives outline adaptability, diminished development expenses and more choices with existing spaces. Miura boilers wipe out tube pull-space and entryway swing space necessities run of the mill of traditional outlines. This permits setup of the engine compartment for twofold the yield of a current evaporator plant or decrease of its size by more than 50%. Furthermore, a Miura heater framework is so adaptable, you can have various boilers taking a shot at a similar framework in independent establishments or introduce Miura boilers at the purpose of-utilization with a specific end goal to dispose of vitality misfortune through line transmission.

Read more about measured boilers and why estimate matters.


Miura’s low water volume configuration results in ideal warmth exchange with fuel-to-steam efficiencies of 85% +/ – at all heap conditions, which thusly, can spare a huge number of dollars every year.

Read more about Miura’s Saving Solutions

Heater Maintenance


A very much kept up Miura evaporator gives the most noteworthy productivity for the duration of the life of the framework and ensures this imperative speculation. It’s a fundamental piece of keeping your Miura heater running like the day you got it. What’s more, with a 3-hour shutdown for routine reviews, you don’t need to lose an entire day or close the entire plant down. Simply close down one measured kettle and keep the others up and running. From water examination, to our MOM online emotionally supportive networks, to by and large effectiveness, our Miura evaporator upkeep program guarantees that you’ll spare down time while sparing vitality costs. Additionally, most parts are secured free, and crisis benefit is accessible should you require it.

Take in more about Miura Maintenance


Miura is known the world over for our devotion to quality and our continuous drive for perfection. Our items are upheld by the best building innovation in the business and each Miura kettle is sponsored by a guarantee you can depend on. By picking Miura’s support and investigation program, you’ll be settling on an astute choice guaranteeing effortless evaporator activity.

Our assurance covers most parts and work costs, and in addition the business’ solitary Pressure Vessel Guarantee (with the MMC/MMRC program just) against erosion. By choosing our upkeep and examination program, you enroll Miura’s master stewardship over the long haul dependable and proficient task of your boilers.

Download a printable variant of our guarantee

Evaporator Safety


With in excess of 200,000 units in task around the world, Miura has never had a weight vessel blast. Ever. Miura boilers are inherently more secure by plan. With low water content joined with the novel heater geometry, calamitous vessel disappointment is for all intents and purposes inconceivable. Miura boilers likewise have various defends past essential vessel wellbeing to guarantee safe tasks, as well as high productivity and solid activity.


Miura can have your kettle conveyed in as meager as about fourteen days if your model is in stock. Custom forms can prepared in as meager as about two months. Our assembling plant is running and loaded, prepared to convey your next heater arrangement. Furthermore, with production line preparing accessible from an affirmed Miura design, you can make sure your framework is up and running and effortless from the first occasion when you fire it.


“Our steam stack changes from 5,000 PPH (Pounds Per Hour) to 50,000 PPH, so we were searching for a trustworthy and dependable kettle framework that could give us the correct measure of steam for the low-and appeal times. Our past boilers couldn’t keep running on low loads, and the proficiency would diminish radically. The Miura boilers are exceptionally proficient and ecologically benevolent, and require next to no consideration while working, in addition to they take up significantly less room.”

– Jack Avant, Engineering Manager, Gulistan Carpet

“We were running a quite productive task, however with Miura innovation, we assessed an extra 10 to 20% fuel sparing, and that truly stood out enough to be noticed.”

– Paul Gackel, PE, Director of Facilities/Utilities, Spangler Candy

“At this moment North Carolina is in a dry season circumstance. I’m going to loads of gatherings on what should be possible about water protection and Miura boilers, since they are so little and productive, have truly put us path in front of everyone around town – and this industry – on water preservation.”

– Shannon Clifton, Engineering Supervisor, Duke Raleigh Hospital

Thermal Oil heaters Technological alternative

Thermal oil heaters,Technological alternative, more suitable, efficient and cost-effective for the indirect heating in industrial processes.Mechanical option, more appropriate, productive and financially savvy for the backhanded warming in modern procedures.

• Working temperature up to 350 °C at low weight.

• Specially intended for high exchange speed and a get awesome intensity of warmth trade.

• Achieves high temperatures at weight of distribution.

• Suitable for the most recent innovation of engineered warm liquids, mineral and nourishment review.

• The choice of the model of the radiator relies upon numerous elements of the procedure to actualize and framework that will work. We can prompt you completely in the plan or modernization of their establishment.




Jual Thermal oil heater berkualitas
Jual Thermal oil heater berkualitas

Points of interest of frameworks of liquid warm versus Steam.

• They can be high temperature (350 ° C – 662 ° F) at low weight steam frameworks that require high weights of work not at all like.

• Boiler administrator declaration isn’t required.

• Saving fuel (up to 20%). Funds in the support of pipelines.

• Does not devour water caused by buildup misfortunes.

• Recovery steam traps are not required.

• The exchange liquid does not require medicines, for example, water.

• It isn’t destructive like steam.

• May be controlled a few utilizations in the meantime with various temperatures each.

• No danger of solidifying.

• Monotubular vertical outline of brilliant execution.

• Quick section into the administration. Hardware with numerous securities. Appropriate for each sort of industry.

• High proficiency balancing burner.

• Natural gas, LPG or diesel burner.

• Electronic temperature PID control.

• Easy process and exactness control.

• Control of operational temperature +/ – 1 °C.

• Vertical development which possesses less floor region.

• Also you can discover it is close to the utilizations (punts, reactors, heaters, and so forth.), decreasing significantly the laying of funnels and, in this way lessens misfortunes of warmth in transit.

Automatic task without supervision.

Very low support costs.

Thermofluid® warmers are utilized in a wide assortment of modern procedures to be specific:

• Adhesives.

• Asphalts.

• Autoclave.

• Bio-diesel.

• Chemical reactors.

• Distillation.

• Food preparing (browning, heating, and so forth.).

• Hot water age.

• Inks.

• Laundry administrations.

• Surfaces and completing medicines.

• Heating in vessels and on board benefits.

• Metal wrapping up.

• Mining.

• Ovens.

• Manufacture of paint and varnish.

• Machinery for paper and layered board industry.

• Plastics.

• Printing.

• Rubber and elastic mixes.

• Textile apparatus.

• Uranium handling.

• Waste reusing.

• Dryers.

• All process requiring heat.


• Topological guidance of the framework to implement.Selection of parts, liquid exchange, pumps, valves, funneling, radiators, tanks, development, and so forth.

• Basic designing.

• Plant format.

• Hiring “Key” close by.


• Project.

• Basic designing.

• Design designing.

• Detail designing.

• Direction of work.


• Preventive upkeep.

• Chemical examination of warm oils.

• Comprehensive washing of distribution frameworks.

• Repair of warming units, pumps and tanks.

• Corrective framework bolster.