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16 Mar 2020

Auxiliary Machinery Ships

Auxiliary Machinery

Economizer marin oil tanker
Economizer marin oil tanker

Explain what is meant by

Pump exhaust pr

  • Pump An aircraft that serves to move liquids or air  from one place to  another  with a pressure difference.

Single acting piston pump

  • Single acting piston pump is a pump that in 1 (one) time the suction andocess works resulting in 1 (one) process of fluid transfer.

Double acting piston pump.

  • Double acting piston pump is a   pump that in 1 (one) time the suction and exhaust process works  resulting in 2 (two) fluid transfer processes.

What are the uses for the Auxiliary Aircraft below:

Air Compressor

  • Compressors are used to produce high pressure air, by sucking air outside and then compressed (compressed) so that it becomes working pressure.

The condenser

  • Condenser is  used to change the form of gas / vapor into liquid form by condensation process

Evaporator / Fresh Water Generator

  • Evaporator is  used to change the form of liquid into gas with the evaporation process.


  • Coolers are used to change the temperature of a substance to be lower.


  • Refrigerator is  used to reduce the temperature of a room and maintain below the ambient temperature around it.


  • Heaters are used to change the temperature of a substance to be higher

Mention 4 main components of the aircraft to help support ship safety and shipping!

  • Generator Set (Power Plant)
  • Pumps
  • Fresh Water Generator
  • Steering Gear
  • Heat Exchangers  (Air)

Where can you find the types of Auxiliary Aircraft below:

Relief Valve

  • Relief Valve serves for safety, if the working pressure on the tool exceeds the predetermined pressure. This equipment can be found in Air Compressors and Screw Pumps.


  • Salinometer serves to measure the salt content in water in the process of refining, this equipment can be found in the  Evaporator and Fresh Water Generator.


  • Ejecto serves to move air by means of emission, this auxiliary plane often we encounter on the Condenser


  • The function of hydrofor is to channel fresh water to various facilities located on board, this equipment is often  encountered in salty rooms.

Sight Gless

  • Sight Glass serves to determine the surface limit of a liquid, this equipment is often encountered in tanks  and boilers.

When you run the purifier, what is the purpose of:

The bowl rotation must reach the specified value. What will happen if you haven’t reached the rotation value, you open the fuel or oil suction tap, explain!

  • Sliding bowls have a maximum rotation of 1500 – 1900 RPM, in that the sliding bowl produces a centrifugal force that is able to throw out any liquid in solid particles that are mixed or contained in the fuel. Failure to achieve maximum rotation in the sliding bowl causes the results of the fuel separation process to be imperfect, so the resulting combustion value in the combustion chamber is reduced due to the combustion of solid particles or other liquids in the fuel.

“Fishing” first with water, before the fuel / oil lubricant is opened / put!

  • Generally the use of fresh water in purifiers is to clean up the remnants of oil attached to parts  of the bowl disc.

What is meant by distillation and what is produced?

  • Distillation is a series of processes that change the liquid (sea water) into a form of steam using a heating process and then proceed with the condensation process so as to produce fresh water from the refining process.

What basic components must exist based on this principle?

  • When viewed from the process of working the main components in the distillation process are Evaporators and Condensers such as the assisted aircraft Fresh Water Generator (FWG).

Write down the advantages of planes on decks that are driven by electricity compared to those driven by steam or other power!

  • Can be operated directly without having to do the heating process.
  • Parts that move slightly (save space).
  • The arrangement of electricity on the deck is better.
  • Work quieter (not noisy).
  • Work with high rotation.

Make a simple sketch of a cooling machine, and specify the parts


  • The compressor functions to increase the pressure of the refrigerant gas to produce a higher temperature.


  • The condenser functions to condense the refrigerant gas which is compressed by the compressor into a liquid.

The condenser

  • Evaporator Function to mengupkan refrigerant liquid back into vapor / gas refrigerant.

Mention the types of boiler that are used in the ship!

  • Cylinder Boilers  such as  Fire Pipe Steam Boilers and Water Pipe Steam Boilers.
  • Tube Kettles  such as  Header type Kettles and Drum Tubes 2 and 3.
  • Upright Kettle

What is meant by normal press and maximum press on the boiler!

  • Normal pressure is the pressure corresponding to the working press of the boiler tube.
  • Maximum Pressure is the pressure at which the vapor pressure in the boiler / boiler can only work at  the maximum maximum level / limit that has been determined.

Mention the difference and equations of Economiser with preheating on the boiler!

  • The Economizer Equation with Preheating is used to form hot steam pressure on the boiler, where the steam  will be used to move auxiliary aircraft using the heating system  .
  • The Economizer difference uses hot gas from the combustion of the main engine, while Preheating requires fuel on the Blender to heat the vessel.

What does it mean press greater than 1 atmosphere on the boiler and explain!

  • Compresses greater than 1 atmosphere are a condition of a boiler, where a closed vessel  can form steam at a pressure greater than 1 atmosphere, by heating the water inside it with hot gas from the combustion of fuel.

Explain what is meant by:

  • Assistance aircraft on board
  • Assistance aircraft on the ship is a supporting aircraft in the smooth operation of the ship in carrying out activities on the  cruise.


  • Pump / Pump Is an auxiliary aircraft whose function is to move fluid / air from  one place to another by a pressure process.

Air compressor

  • Air Compressor / Air Compressor is an auxiliary aircraft that serves to produce or produce high pressure air, to produce working pressure.

Safety Valve (Safety Valve)

  • Is an auxiliary aircraft equipment that functions as a safety device if the working pressure  on the tool exceeds the predetermined pressure.

Mention and explain auxiliary aircraft in the engine room and describe one that you know!

  • Air compressor is used to produce high pressure air, by sucking air outside and then compressed  (compressed) so that it becomes working pressure.
  • Coolers are used to change the temperature of a substance to be lower.
  • Heaters are used to change the temperature of a substance to be higher.
  • Pump is an auxiliary aircraft whose function is to move fluid / air from one place to another by a pressure process.
  • Generator Set is used to produce electricity for lighting.

Image of auxiliary aircraft type Tube Heat Exchanger (LO Cooler / FW Cooler)

What is meant by a steam boiler!

  • Auxiliary boilers are boilers whose steam results are used to operate / operate auxiliary aircraft on board, where the vapor pressure generated from the boilers drives machinery systems such as pumps or heaters.

What is the difference between a water boiler and a fire boiler?

  • Water Steam Boilers are water vaporization processes wherein the boiler water is inside the pipes and the hot gas is outside the pipes.
  • Steam Boilers are water vaporization processes wherein the boiler water is outside the pipes and the hot gas flows inside the pipes.

Mention the appendencies contained in the boiler help according to the law!

  • Sight Glass serves to determine the height of the water level of the kettle.
  • Vale Safety serves to prevent the explosion of the boiler caused by over pressure.
  • The alarm functions as a warning / danger marker.
  • Manometer serves to measure the pressure of the steam in the boiler.
  • Thermometer serves to measure the temperature of the boiler.
  • Drain Valve (Flushing Valve) serves to remove dirt / sediment that is in the boiler.
  • Pump (Pump Filling) function to fill water in the boiler automatically at the water level limit.
  • Main Valve (Kerean Main) serves to release the boiler steam pressure to the dividing tap.
  • Manhole functions for access into the boiler during cleaning.
  • Blender (Atomizer) functions as a fuel atomizer on a steam boiler.

What do you know about OWS (Oil Water Separator)!

  • OWS (oil water separator) is an auxiliary aircraft that serves to separate the oil content that is mixed with water, this auxiliary aircraft is used to keep the oil content that is wasted into the sea not exceeding the specified limit (15 ppm)

Why do commercial ships have to install OWS (Oil Water Separator)!

  • As a requirement of MARPOL 73/78 regulation, for commercial vessels with more than 400 GRT must have pollution prevention equipment such as OWS (oil water separator).

Explain the difference between a single acting piston pump and a double acting piston pump!

  • Single acting piston pump which in 1 (one) time process works suction and discharges results in 1 (one) process of fluid transfer.
  • Double acting piston pump, which in one (1) time of the suction and exhaust process, results in 2 (two) times the process of fluid transfer.

How many valves are usually in a double acting piston pump! The double acting piston pump has 4 valves, 2 valves including Delivery Valve and 2 Discharge Valve.

Mention a minimum of 3 (three) machining systems that support the operation of the main driving machine and a minimum of 3 (three) other machining systems which consist of auxiliary aircraft components!

  • Central Air Conditioner has other auxiliary components such as the Compressor – Condenser and Evaporator as a support for the operation of the cooler.
  • The Power Generator (Diesel Generator Set) has other auxiliary aircraft components such as the Freshwater Cooler, Lubrication Oily Cooler and pumps to support the operation of the auxiliary power plant.
  • Boilers have auxiliary aircraft components such as fuel burners, pumps and other safety devices as a support for the operation of a steam boiler.

What is the use of the anchor machine!

  • The function of the anchor machine is to lift or lower the anchor chain by tromol rounds to the eighth or backward.

Mention 3 (three) types of anchor engine drive

  • Steam Anchor Machine
  • Hydraulic Winding Machine
  • Electric Anchor Machine

What are the similarities and differences between cooler and condenser!

  • The equation is used to change the heat of a liquid or gas.
  • Difference between Cooler and Condenser, cooler is used to cool liquid / gas in the engine drive with other liquid media (sea water), Condenser cools gas produced from compressor pressure, which as a whole the system is used for engine cooling.

Mention where this equipment is found and explain its function!

Inter Cooler

  • Inter Cooler is part of the system of heat exchanger (cooling of air / gas produced from pressure), the tool is usually used on propulsion engines that  use turbochargers, or on cooling engines.

Safety Valve

  • Safety Valve serves to prevent the occurrence of an explosion in the boiler caused by excess pressure, the tool is usually used on steam boilers and compressors.

Air Cook

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